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    In October 2012, brand NatureFresh was introduced to the country by Cargill India, one of the largest food & nutrition specialists in the world. Initially, the products were launched only in the test markets of Delhi and Bangalore. The initial launch turned out to be so successful that in less than a year (by August 2013), the brand had started selling across 200 towns and cities across the country.

  • About Nature Fresh Products


    NatureFresh flour is made from the finest quality wheat grains, sourced from the best farms of the country. It is available in two variants – Sampoorna Chakki Atta and Sampoorna Sharbati Atta. NatureFresh prides itself on its selection of high quality, natural ingredients that are processed in the right way, to produce atta with just the right texture – neither too fine, nor too coarse. This ensures that the rotis turn out to be softer and fluffier.

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  • Recent Developments

    Recent Developments

    The growth story of urban India is that of increasing urbanization and a growing middle class. However, all the development brought about by this growth, also came with an increasing number of lifestyle and food-related ailments for people adopting this new way of life. Brand NatureFresh has always strived to offset the negatives of this high-pressure lifestyle through its promise of delivering nature's best to its consumers, who need the right nutrition to take on life's challenges.

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  • Our Brand Values

    Brand Values

    NatureFresh values the importance of being active and alive - to be ready to take on the challenges of life. It understands the importance of purity and quality of ingredients, along with the technique with which they are processed for consumption. NatureFresh offers you the best of nature to maintain your energy levels, so that you are able to lead an active life.

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    Things you didn't know about Nature Fresh

    Cargill has an experience of more than 150 years of wheat selection and processing internationally, which it uses to bring out the best quality flour for NatureFresh. Unlike most packaged atta, NatureFresh optimizes the bran level in Atta to ensure that the consumers get the same taste as their favorite 'Chakki Atta'.


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