Nature Fresh

Goodness, a tradition

NatureFresh Atta is made from the choicest wheat grains, selected and blended by experts for perfect color and texture, thereby delivering soft and fluffy rotis. Cargill has been able to leverage its legendary expertise in procuring the right grains and seeds, perfected over 150 years of operations across the globe.

With in-depth understanding of what the consumer expects from their atta, NatureFresh has managed to create custom blends for different regions of the country, keeping in mind the preferred texture and color of atta as preferred by each region.

The quality of wheat selected, as well as its multi-layered processing, delivers the desired texture consistently. Expert blenders use carefully selected blends of various strains of wheat grains for perfect color and texture, thereby delivering the softest and fluffiest rotis.

The result is our expertise in India with NatureFresh Chakki Atta, offering you:

  • Phase 1
    Phase 1 - Selection of the Wheat Variety

    Atta made from the choicest wheat, selected and blended by experts

    • Wheat Variety
    • Moisture
    • Protein Level
    • Bulk Density
  • Phase 2
    Phase 2 - What Cleaning

    Intensive 3-stage wheat cleaning process to remove impurities and other micro-organisms

    • - 3 stage cleaning
  • Phase 3
    Phase 3 - Stone Chakki Grind process

    Stone 'Chakki-grind' process that retains protein, hence sustaining natural flavor and complete bran

    • Automated stone chakki machine
  • Phase 4
    Phase 4 - Filtration and Separation

    Transferred to storage tanks using air-suction technology, for it to cool down before packaging, but only after…

    • Filteration for Consistent Atta
    • Magnetic Separation
  • Phase 5
    Phase 5 - Packaging of Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta

    Premium multi-layer packaging, for lasting freshness

    • Packaging through automated packing machine