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About Us

Brand NatureFresh Acti Lite is in existence since 15 years and has constantly ensued to serve the best quality to the consumers. It has DMPS which ensures lower oil absorption cooking which in turn translates to 5 ltrs. less fat getting into the body (basis census data on average household size & average oil consumption in a year). In light of the evolving consumer landscape and giving the brand a new proportion, NatureFresh Acti-Lite has now come up with new packaging, a newly crafted brand benefit and new campaign around it, staying true to the Brand Core which is - “Extra Bounce in Everyday Life”.

There are various ways to help consumer lean an active life and “Cooking oil with less fat” is one of them. NatureFresh Acti-Lite Refined Soyabean Oil has DMPS which ensures that oil gets absorbed during cooking and hence it becomes “Low Fat Cooking”. As a result of which less fat gets into the body which in turn helps in leading an active life. Besides the low fat cooking, NF Acti-Lite Refined Soyabean oil is also fortified with Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin A, D&E and has Zero Cholesterol Sourcing experience of Cargill of more than 150 years along with a “6stage” extensive refining ensures that the oil that goes to the consumer’s kitchen is nothing but the best in quality.

Brand Promise

The Brand Promise

Nature Fresh promises an active life. This is a life where you answer with a 'yes' to every opportunity. Whether it's an impromptu shopping trip with your friends or a jog in the park.Keeping the kids busy with fun and games on a Sunday or keeping everything going on a hectic workday.

The brand delivers this by bringing you the right nutrition that keeps you going. Whether it's through sourcing the right ingredients or ensuring that the food is light through proper processing and packaging. Nature Fresh brings you the best of nature for a most active life.


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