Nature Fresh

Top Performer

Based on the overall test findings, Nature Fresh Acti-Lite is the top performer. Following are the abstracts of a first-hand study by Consumer Voice of seven brands of soybean oils along these and other relevant parameters. Download the complete report

Test Results

  • Iodine Value

    Requirement: 120-141
    The iodine value is a measure of the unsaturated fats. The iodine value of an oil/fat is the number of grams of iodine absorbed by 100gm of the oil/fat.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite scored higher in this parameter.

  • Saponification Value

    The saponification value helps to detect the presence of other oils/fats. For soybean oil, it should be between 189 and 195.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite scored higher in this parameter.

  • Unsaponifiable Matter

    Unsaponifiable matters must not be more than 1.5 percent by weight of soybean oil.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite found lowest in unsaponifiable matter.

  • Refractive Index

    This is the ratio of velocity of light in vacuum to the velocity of light in the oil or fat. Refractive index varies with temperature and wavelength. For soybean oil, it should be between 1.4649 and 1.4710.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite scored higher in this parameter.

  • Acid Value

    Requirements: < 2.5 The acid value is a measure of the amount of fatty acids that have been liberated by hydrolysis from the glycerides due to the action of moisture, temperature and/or lipolytic enzyme lipase.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite found with lowest acid value.

  • Argemone Oil

    Argemone oil is extracted from Argemone seeds. These look like mustard seeds and contain oil that is highly toxic. Consumption of this oil can lead to health disorders. Argemone oil in edible oil should be negative.

    Argemone oil was not detected in Nature Fresh Acti-Lite.

  • Suspended particles

    This test is for detection of any foreign matter or impurities that may form or infiltrate during the processing. These should be absent, as foreign matter in oil reduces its acceptability to consumers and may result in bad odour, and can also be harmful to consumer.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite was free of suspended particles.

  • Visibility

    All the brands were subjected to visual examination to ascertain if they were transparent and without foreign particles.

    No foreign particles were found in Nature Fresh Acti-Lite

  • Odour

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite was subjected to tests to verify any off-odour/flavor.

    Nature Fresh Acti-Lite was free from any objectionable odour.